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* Explore the world with the best maps, including satellite maps and take a close look at the places with streetview.
* Prepare your trips. Create routes, favourites and waypoints and transfer it all to your GPS.
* Import the tracks from your GPS device, edit them and share the results with your friends.
* If you are an OpenStreetMap (OSM) editor, this is the easiest way to explore the OSM database without hassle and edit the map in a few clicks.

Features include:

  • Choice of many map types, including satellite maps and traffic maps.
  • Street Pics, using Google streetview static images.
  • Calculate routes for car, bicycle or pedestrian, including waypoints.
  • Compare the routes from 3 routing providers to find the route that suites you best, shortest, fastest or most attractive.
  • Hybrid routing: The ultimate way to create a route for your GPS. Combine calculated route segments from all routing providers with manually "painted" route segments.
  • Search places worldwide by keywords or by coordinates.
  • Advanced favourites system with long descriptions, pictures, address info, web link, etc.
  • Click any place on the map to show the address info, elevation or a 5 day weather forecast.
  • Import GPX and KML files containing tracks, routes, waypoints and favourites.
  • Edit imported tracks graphically or draw new tracks from scratch.
  • Export routes and tracks to GPX or KML files.
  • Track conversion from GPX to KML and from KML to GPX
  • Scroll 2, 3 or 5 maps simultaneously while keeping the map positions and map zooms synchronized between all maps.
  • Print a portion of the map, including routes, points of interest and markers.
  • Save a portion of the map to an image file.
  • Select a portion of the map and show this selection in Google Earth at the same position and zoom.
  • And so much ........

Users say:

 "For my needs, this app is much better than Google Earth"
  "My GPS is a lot easier to manage now"
  "Finally I can compare routes from different routing services,
    which often leads to more interesting routes"
  "The multi map viewer is really a fantastic feature"
  "Great! street view now shows me where I am and what I look at"