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Justmapzz is a tool to explore the earth and prepare your trips while still at home.
Browse your places of interest with many geographic maps, including satellite maps, take a close look at the locations with streetview pictures, let the app calculate optimal routes to your destination, put your own points of interest and GPX tracks on the map and even check the weather there for the next 5 days.

Justmapzz is also a great assistent for your GPS device.
Prepare your routes, waypoints and favourites comfortably on a big screen, transfer it all to your GPS, enjoy a nice trip, come back home and load your recorded tracks and favourites into Justmapzz for editing, analysis and sharing.

Features include:

  • Choice of many map types, including satellite maps.
  • Street view, using Google streetview images.
  • Calculate routes for car, bicycle or pedestrian, including waypoints.
  • Compare the routes from 4 routing providers to find the route that suites you best, shortest, fastest or most attractive.
  • Hybrid routing: The ultimate way to create a complex route. Combine calculated route segments from all routing providers with a manually painted route.
  • Search places worldwide by keywords or by coordinates.
  • Advanced favourites system with long descriptions, pictures, address info, web link, etc.
  • Click any place on the map to show the address info, elevation or a 5 day weather forecast.
  • Import GPX and KML files containing tracks, routes, waypoints and favourites.
  • Edit imported tracks or draw new tracks from scratch.
  • Export routes and tracks to GPX or KML files.
  • Track conversion from GPX to KML and from KML to GPX
  • Scroll 2, 3 or 5 maps simultaneously while keeping the map positions and map zooms synchronized between all maps.
  • Worldwide GPX tracks database. Unlimited free upload and download of tracks and routes.
  • Print a portion of the map, including routes, points of interest and markers.
  • Save a portion of the map to an image file.
  • Select a portion of the map and show this selection in Google Earth at the same position and zoom.
  • And so much more ....

Users say:

 "For my needs, this app is much better than Google Earth"
  "My GPS is a lot easier to manage now"
  "Finally I can compare routes from different routing services,
    which often leads to more interesting routes"
  "The multi map viewer is really a fantastic feature"
  "Great! street view now shows me where I am and what I look at"